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Core Curriculum


By August 2006, the Faculty began offering degrees in Graphic and Industrial Design, linked in the first two semesters in a core curriculum with the Architecture career. This circumstance has been enriching the academic life of the institution, in addition to allowing each semester to enhance the use and increase of material resources and infrastructure and contributes to reinforcing the identity and belonging to the Faculty based on the activity of design and other activities.

The core curriculum consists, from a technical point of view, on a set of subjects belonging to the three careers offered by this core curriculum and which are taken in the basic stage, providing the student with a multidisciplinary training base for learning design, understood as an activity common to architecture, graphic design and industrial design. The study plans of these three undergraduate programs are based on the model for professional competencies, where the core curriculum is intended to guide and provide the bases of knowledge and general, contextual and methodological skills so that students clearly define the disciplinary profile in which they will have to prepare, assertively consolidating their vocation. Thus, with the basic stage, the students develop a series of competences that will concur in the following stages of formation of the chosen career, while the core curriculum responds to the requirements of the different careers in general and -in particular- it helps in the pre-disciplinary training of the student with the offer of some elective courses.


These two training semesters seek that when passing through this stage, the student:
– Appropriate and develop human values, social, cultural, artistic, sports, institutional and environmental values.
– Develop logical, critical and creative thinking.
– Establish interpersonal and group relationships with tolerance and respect for cultural diversity.
– Have an optimal performance based on basic knowledge and inclination and aptitudes for permanent self-training.
– Carry out a Community Social Service incorporated into the subjects and linked to the different sectors of the entity.

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Testimonios y casos de éxito

Es el lugar donde obtengo las bases y el conocimiento necesario para mi desarrollo profesional.

Jesús Torres Estudiante de la Licenciatura en Diseño Gráfico

La Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño es mi segundo hogar y fuente de trabajo, donde aprenden mis alumnos y les comparto mis experiencias. Es un lugar que me da la libertad de ser como soy.

Mtra. Cynthia Mendoza Maestra de la Licenciatura en Diseño Gráfico

La facultad me ha permitido madurar como persona y poder adquirir habilidades que me hagan competir en la vida real.

Fernando Botello Estudiante del Programa en Arquitectura

La Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño es una herramienta con la que podemos crecer en todos los sentidos así como adquirir valores.

Paola Niebla Estudiante de la Licenciatura en Diseño Industrial

Es la oportunidad de mejorar como ser humano y de realizar mis metas.

Isai Guzmán Villarreal Estudiante de la Licenciatura en Diseño Industrial
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