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Industrial Design


It is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary project activity, which focuses on solving the detected needs of the activities that we carry out daily, to facilitate and make life more comfortable. It receives the name of industrial, because it is an analytical, creative and inventive process concerning areas such as engineering, technology, materials, marketing and psychology among others in solutions that can be produced in series and in balance with all the needs and user wishes established within the aesthetic, technical and cultural requirements demanded by society.


The applicant to enter the Bachelor of Industrial Design must have the following characteristics:


  1. Drawing
  2. Geometry and mathematics
  3. History of Culture and Art
  4. Computing
  5. Investigation methodology


  1. Observation ability
  2. Graphic, oral and written communication
  3. Manual skills
  4. Ability to solve problems
  5. Spatial conception


  1. Critical sense
  2. Receptivity to innovation and change
  3. Creativity
  4. Artistic sensitivity
  5. Analytical capacity


  1. Social sensitivity
  2. Environmental awareness
  3. Perseverance
  4. Respect for different postures
  5. Personal growth


The graduated industrial designer will be able to project and develop objects or products manufactured in series according to environmental, socio-cultural and economic-productive requirements, identified the context, acquiring the following skills:

  1. Design objects that satisfy determined human needs in a creative and innovative way.
  2. Analyze the morphological, functional, socioeconomic, cultural and environmental aspects related to the object to be designed, applying different methodologies and integrating them into the design process.
  3. Understand and apply physical and cognitive factors of the subject, improving the interaction between it and the object.
  4. Know and consider productive aspects (materials, manufacturing processes and costs) to propose constructive solutions for the designed product.
  5. Communicate efficiently the results of the design process, through two-dimensional means (sketches, illustrations, construction plans, virtual models) and three-dimensional (models, simulators and prototypes) in order to take them to the next phase in the production cycle.


Industrial design in the region has two main aspects, integration into industry and entrepreneurship. Both applications have been established over the 14 years since the program began its operation, and currently industrial designers can be found in industrial fields such as aerospace, electronics, automotive and furniture, among others; similarly, the undertakings carried out through design firms participate in sectors such as the wine industry, restaurant, brewery, prototypes and small-scale manufacturing, shop windows, exhibition stands, personalized objects and accessories, smart devices, among others.

The Bachelor in Industrial Design offers applicants to develop creative skills such as drawing and manual modeling, digital such as digital 3D modeling and manufacturing plans, as well as manuals such as handling ceramic materials, carpentry and metalworking among others, with which innovative products can be generated that enrich the lives of those who use them.

To certify the Bachelor in Industrial Design, the student must take 350 required credits, which include 15 credits of professional practices and a minimum of 60 elective credits that can be taken through various accreditation modalities, covering a total of 410 credits. Likewise, they must perform the social service in two stages (Community, cover it before 40% of the total credits, and Professional, be assigned before 85% of the total credits) and meet the foreign language requirement.

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